A Comprehensive Guide about Vegan Diet for Athletes

A Comprehensive Guide about Vegan Diet for Athletes

The vegan diet has been receiving a lot of admiration in recent times. The reasons are predominantly the health benefits and ethics related to animals’ welfare. There are myriad types of diets available with the gimmicks of weight loss and muscle gain benefits, but the recent sensation, vegan diet, has acquired immense laudation due to the rewarding benefits. A huge number of athletes these days are resorting to vegan athletes’ meal plans for prompt results.  

This blog is a comprehensive guide about the vegan diet, its benefits, and the meal plans for vegan athletes. 

What is a vegan diet for athletes? 

Athletes have the higher goals of achieving fitness and building muscles with the help of resistance training. Nutrition plays a vital role in the process of muscle development. As per the wider acceptance, the optimal growth of muscles is due to protein intake, and it should be relatively high at about 0.7-1.0 grams per pound of body weight per day.  

The calorie excess of 10-20 percent is quite helpful for gaining muscles; this is especially true for the newcomers in training. Interestingly, the vegan diet for athletes is devoid of all animal products and is higher in protein than the traditional vegan diets. It is due to the enhanced legume, fruit, vegetable intakes which are a part of a vegan diet. The vegan diet has also been associated with a reduction in BMI. A high BMI leads to certain types of cancer. 

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Vegan Athlete Meal Plan

Moreover, the several types of processed red meat intake pose the risk of colorectal cancer, but a vegan diet saves you from such threats.   

  • How to implement the vegan diet?

Though you may assume that it is pretty effortless to implement the vegan diet, you need to have a good deal of planning before you start with your weekly meal plans to achieve your fitness. 

The vegan bodybuilding diet may combine the number of staple foods on which many meals are based. To start strong with a vegan bodybuilding diet, you must plan out 5-7 days of meals to ensure that you have all those ingredients which are a must for your body. You can take the help of expert programs on the same. 

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Vegan protein powders are also helpful to meet your protein needs by providing concentrated sources of protein surrounding workouts. 

Consume more high protein plant foods 

It is pretty crucial to incorporate a high amount of protein into your diet. This is needed to be done to meet the protein needs of the body. The high protein foods are like seitan, legumes, quinoa, and many more to maximize muscle gain.

Drink fluids in abundance 

As you eat, excessive intake of fiber, which can cause some side effects such as bloating, abdominal pains, so drinking enough water is paramount. It will help prevent complications from a high-fiber diet. 

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Dietary supplements: 

A vegan diet may have a shortage of certain nutrients, so it is a must to incorporate dietary supplements. There are vegan protein powders that help you to reach the protein intake levels which are fixed for the athletes. Many vegan protein powders are available, such as soy isolate, pea, hemp, and brown rice. Apart from that, you can opt for a vegan multivitamin that includes sufficient quantities of nutrients. 

Benefits of Vegan diet for athletes 

Fewer chances of being in the trap of heart diseases 

It is true that people who follow a vegan diet are at a significantly lower risk of developing heart disease. It is due to the reduced intake of saturated fats and cholesterol. Moreover, the high fiber diet is linked with lower chances of stroke and heart diseases. 

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Weight loss and muscle gain

The food rich in fiber and protein makes you lose stubborn fat and build muscles. The fiber-rich food reduces your untimely appetite. Thus you eat in the required amount and do not add those extra kilos to your weight.

Type of Meal plans for vegan athletes

7 day customized meal plan 

7 day customized meal plan is best suited for the athletes who want an affordable plan and want an essential toolkit to embark on their journey of being fit. 

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This plan includes the following features:

Custom Nutrition plan– It will guide you on what to eat and how much to eat on a daily basis. 

Custom food database: A complete list of macronutrients to build as per your meals. 

Complete grocery list: It can save you a lot of time and money that you may spend in the store without sufficient knowledge of what to buy. 

  • Month to month customized meal plan 

This meal plan is for those who have the most severe commitments about customized plans, so this meal plan is not recommended to everyone.

What it includes:

Custom food database: A complete list of macro nutrients for your meals. 

Complete grocery list: The grocery list will be the most convenient option to start your shopping.

Nutritional supplements: You will learn about the myths and reality of the nutritional supplements and the common supplements which you should avoid.  

Custom nutrition plan: What to eat and how much to eat every day.

Additional benefits: You will be guided by experts about mental health and how to set the crazy schedule.

You can get fresh customized meal plans to meet your ever-changing athletic goals.

  • 1 month customized meal plan 

This one-month customized meal plan can take your nutrition to the next level. You will be guided by the experts o reach your fitness goals. 

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What it includes: 

  • Custom nutrition plan: What to eat and how much to the consumer every day.
  • Complete grocery list: You will be provided with a grocery list that will save your money and time. 
  • Nutritional supplements: You will learn about the myths and reality of the nutritional supplements and the common supplements which you should avoid.  
  • Custom food database: A complete list of macronutrients for your meals. 
  • Additional benefits: You will be guided by experts about mental health and scheduling the crazy schedule of the athlete. 

Overall, following a vegan diet for athletes may render immense benefits but make sure you take professional help in making your meal plans to avoid any side effects. 

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