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How to Plan for a Monthly Healthy Diet for Weight Loss

Everyone in today’s world seems to be indulged in the hustle and bustle of life. Not a single person has time to spare for self-care. Health and fitness tend to stay on the back burner without realizing the fact before it is too late. Sure, social media is swarmed with motivational speakers and influences incessantly compelling you to delve into a fitness regime, but who has the time to invest? Unless the weight loss tips and a customized meal plan are not enunciated and spoon-fed, no one pays any heed to fitness. How ironic is the fact that society won’t even let you live in peace if you are obese or not in good shape.

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A Comprehensive Guide about Vegan Diet for Athletes

The vegan diet has been receiving a lot of admiration in recent times. The reasons are predominantly the health benefits and ethics related to animals’ welfare. There are myriad types of diets available with the gimmicks of weight loss and muscle gain benefits, but the recent sensation, vegan diet, has acquired immense laudation due to the rewarding benefits. A huge number of athletes these days are resorting to vegan athletes’ meal plans for prompt results.  

This blog is a comprehensive guide about the vegan diet, its benefits, and the meal plans for vegan athletes. 

What is a vegan diet for athletes? 

Athletes have the higher goals of achieving fitness and building muscles with the help of resistance training. Nutrition plays a vital role in the process of muscle development. As per the wider acceptance, the optimal growth of muscles is due to protein intake, and it should be relatively high at about 0.7-1.0 grams per pound of body weight per day.  

The calorie excess of 10-20 percent is quite helpful for gaining muscles; this is especially true for the newcomers in training. Interestingly, the vegan diet for athletes is devoid of all animal products and is higher in protein than the traditional vegan diets. It is due to the enhanced legume, fruit, vegetable intakes which are a part of a vegan diet. The vegan diet has also been associated with a reduction in BMI. A high BMI leads to certain types of cancer. 

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Vegan Athlete Meal Plan

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